Why so Snappy?

Why is it that some people are so snappy? Why is it that they walk up to counters in coffee shops, restaurants, doctor’s offices, post offices and libraries with such scowls on their faces, pointy words and harsh tones in their voices?

I think the ants are back. Ants: Automatic Negative Thoughts. Maybe it is not ants. Maybe it is worse. Like a black cloud of lies that tells the subconscious that you are entitled to whatever you want regardless how you treat your fellow humans. It seems to be infesting everyone. It is like humans think they can just be rude to anyone with no reason.

Let’s try to make an effort to not be those people. Even if your smile is fake and your tone is false. Pretend that you are happy to be alive and happy to be wherever you are.

Try to find a reason not to be so grumpy especially to people who are not the cause of your foul mood.

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