But why?

I hate waiting. I know hate is a strong word. My detestation of waiting validates the word choice. I have very little patience. Why does it seem that good things always take so long to happen and bad things are spontaneous?

Slow: Nice cozy fire for snuggling in front of.

Spontaneous: fireworks that terrify my dog and war veteran.

Slow: Shipment of new books or new shiny dice. (I have a slight problem with hoarding books, dice and oddly enough drink ware.)

Spontaneous: Utility bills and credit card payments. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you pay a bill you get an email for the next one? OK, water company can I at least shower first?

Don’t give me that things take the time required for the full production of said thing speech….ugh! I know what I want and I want to fast.

Calm down, Veruca Salt. I know I am an adult. *snort* I will wait but I do not have to like it.

Here is the funny thing about waiting. When the one good thing you are waiting for finally gets to you and you look back on the wait, you discover that the thing arrived right on time.

I rather like perfect timing.

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