Day 53

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A touch of fiction…..

Shades of a purple, amber, and rose sunset streak the sky above the park. A meadow of neon dandelion stalks with bright yellow flowers sway in the evening air. A girl sits on a bench of iron and damp wood wearing a red coat, gray felt hat, and brown leather gloves scuffing her boots on the stones. Today is the last day of her twenty third year. She is looking past the fifth tree lining the wide sidewalk cutting diagonally through the park, but she doesn’t see a familiar face. Three mothers or nannies are pushing prams, two long legged joggers are sprinting past and one elderly gentleman is waking his tiny Pomeranian dog who is stopping to sniff a discarded taco on the ground.

Tomorrow she will start her next year and all she can think about as it starts to rain is why is she sitting alone on a park bench?

Life is like that sometimes. Full of unexpected moments that lead to good things, but only sometimes.

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