Day 47

What’s Love Got to Do with It? Everything

The word Love is mentioned in the Bible over 300 times and 190 in the Quran. Hindus have five separate words for love.

Hinduism has a beautiful story about the origins of love. In the beginning, there was a ultimate being named Purusha. This being was without desire, craving, fear, and lacked the need or impulse to to do anything at all—since the universe was already perfect and complete. Then the creator Brahma took out his divine sword and split Purusha in two. Sky became separate from earth, darkness from light, life from death, male from female. Each of these set off passionately to reunite with its severed half because Purusha was perfect love.

As a Christian I am draw to this story because it echoes in my soul. God created the universe and humans because of love. Love is the ultimate goal in life. To be complete is to be pure love.

Love is always the answer.

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