God, what are you doing?

Do you ever get the impression that something is about to change in your life? It is like a whisper on the edge of your conscious or a shadow you can’t quite see.

I have the feeling that something is happening. I am not sure what. I do know that prayer works and I am praying.

It takes courage to wait on God and trust your faith. The unknown factor is what you have to be mindful of. It can take over your conscious thoughts. Focus on what you know. Do not let the what ifs drive you crazy.

God works in the realm of spirituality, the plane of the supernatural. You can’t use physical, human logic on how God exists. The methods of God are beyond our ability. We must trust faith and hold on to it with all we’ve got.

Today my prayer is simple, “God, what are you doing? Show me what I must do. Keep us safe. Thank you for it all. Amen.”

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