Change is a Good Thing

Somethings are changing in my life. Not big things but many small things. I am holding the idea that these changes are positive. I am considering all the things that could happen and choosing not to dwell on the what ifs that would not be positive.

My day to day will look, feel and be different. I can’t allow that part of my brain that says, “Oh no.What if…” to be in charge of thoughts right now. It will send my entire outlook spiraling down the hole of negative thoughts. I cannot have that.

No, I am looking at it as a, “Let’s shake it up for the better.”

After the changes have rooted and become the new day to day. I will look back and think, wow I wish I had done that thing sooner. Often, we look back and wonder why we waited so long. I am fairly certain this will be one of those times.

Look out, my cheese is on the move.

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