It Is a Good Thing I don’t Believe in Luck

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I got a great new shower head for our master bath. You know the kind with seven different spray patterns and a long hose. My husband installed it for me, without me even mentioning it. I get home from work, ready to have a nice long hot shower only to find out the electricity to the hot water heater had a short and burned up the wires. My husband called every electrician listed in our town. Look, his wife was grumpy, stinky and tired, so he was even willing to pay the after hours emergency rates.

No luck. I took a freezing cold shower.

The next day, today, as Mr. Murphy would have it, all the electricians in my town are still booked up and busy. Fine, no morning shower. Yes, I am a bit obsessive about showers. Off to work I went. Things at work are not good either. I will have to work over time due to unforeseen events.

The cheery on the bad luck sundae, today I got a bit of bad news about a close family member. Then I made the mistake and looked at the calendar! Great… March 3rd. Not a good day for me. A person who I loved dearly, who died suddenly in his twenties, would have been forty nine today, if he had lived.

Mr. Murphy said in my ear, “I will see your bad day and raise it by compounded sadness.”

No, I said….Absolutely not. I decline Sir.

So, extra long work day, no hot shower and bad news all on a notorious dark day. I could pout about it…I could, but I won’t. My husband has worked out a solution for a hot shower tonight. Do not underestimate the power of a relaxing shower and a husband with brilliant logic skills.

Happy thoughts prevail. I am loved, life is good, and I do not believe in luck. Take that Mr Murphy, Sir, and good riddance to you.

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