Try Something New

I love to try new things, which is weird because I am generally a wimp. I am scared of heights, do not like creepy animals and am nervous about meeting new people. I find comfort in sameness. Same time to wake up in the morning. Same lunch packed in my same lunchbox and eaten at the same time. Same time to shower and same time to go to bed.

Yet, every so often, about once or twice a month, I get this compulsion, this desire to be brave and do something radical. I want to eat something new or go on an adventure. Read a new type of book, watch a new type of show, or try a new project. I even want to meet new people and actually talk to them.

I am still a wimp. I am still scared to try something new, but I do it anyway. I push myself out of that safe zone, that rut of everyday life. I do whatever it is even if I try to chicken out, I do it any way. I don’t know if I will ever be brave enough to go skydiving or swim with sharks, but I will find the courage to live a full life with some new weirdness tossed in.

You should try it.

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