The-Two-originalThe Two is a captivating and emotionally charged short story about love. Love, pain, music, and laughter are parts of the universal language of humanity. No matter what your heritage or status in life, these elements, and a few others, remain the same. Love is a connection in the spiritual realm. The two are not human, rather mystical beings that have existed since the beginning of time and change form at the discretion of Fate. This story is a glimpse in to the life of the beings in their current forms. The Two, are male and female golems. Tellara is at first unaware of her current form and seeks to discover why she is different from everyone around her. Ronan knows he is a golem and senses something in Tellara. They both discover, in a tragic way, who they are and what they are to each other. Fate decides when it is time for the two beings to regenerate into new forms. Maybe they will be human this time, but that is up to Fate. Despite what form the two are occupying, love remains.

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