The greatest scientific minds of the world have been wrong. There is and has always been more than one species, of human. Homo erectus, Homo habilis and Homo floresiensis all extinct and evolved into Homo Sapiens or so we thought?

Breezy Martan is proof that humans are still evolving. With silvery hair, alabaster skin and violet eyes, she is fairytale perfect. When Breezy sees her reflection, all she sees is freakish ugliness.

Jack Duran lives a secret life. He is a successful artist, but no one knows his name except his agent. By remaining anonymous, Jack can paint and live his life his way. He doesn’t have to worry about anyone, including his ex-wife, wanting him solely for what he provides. Jack likes his solidarity existence. All of that changes, when Jack meets Breezy, the most beautiful creature on the planet, a creature on the run. To save her, Jack will have to leave the protection of anonymity.

Will Jack save the elf girl from being destroyed in the name of genetic research?

The Extant coming soon!

Cover design by Kelli Arts

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