Lori and Brendan O’Gara are available to speak to your congregation, writers group, or any group interested in the following topics:

Believe: Lori presents her book of essays and talks about topics close to her heart. Including, “What’s love got to do with doing Church?”, “Charity is Washing Dishes” and “The Jesus Illusion”.

Excuse me, your Faith is Showing: Lori presents her talking points on crafting contemporary fiction with Christian themes. She explains how to write about real life trials and tribulation, including hot button topics like sex, abortion, addiction and others as a Christian author .

Indie Publishing is not a Dirty Word: The pros and cons of life as an independent author. Lori and Brendan discuss indie publishing, cowriting and the process of going from an idea to finished self published book.

Curious? Contact the O’Garas to learn more.

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