BookCoverPreviewsAway From There Perdido Key Novel #4 coming December 2018.

The anxious woman with an unusual name stands in the train station in Anaheim California, counting floor tiles. January March knows life has more to offer than the mundane existence that she is currently living, and she is going to find it. Desperate for happiness, she risks losing everything she has ever known to find her place in the world. January knows this change might break her, at least she will feel something. The emotionless life she has will kill her if she stays. Love and happiness are worth whatever the cost, even if it costs January her own heart.

Carter Sloan, a recently released felon has no destination. He can’t go back to the life that sent him to prison and he can’t go home. All the good he did for the poor in third world countries as a missionary servant for God meant nothing when he found himself on the wrong side of the law. God was not there. Sloan decides to go to the only place in the world that gave him peace to search for redemption.

Eli Comstock is a collector. Not of fine vintage cars or art, but of virtuous hearts. He collects people who have deep rooted untapped potential. Through the gentle coxing of his southern charm and old fashioned common sense, he brings out the hidden goodness that lives in the souls of the lost. Sloan and January are the lost human beings Eli is determined to save. But first, Eli has a favor to return to his dear friend, William Porter.

Away From There brings back some of your favorite characters from the other Perdido Key Novels while introducing you to Eli Comstock, Carter Sloan and the calendar girl, January March.

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