When are you Happy?

Are you happy right now at this very second? Take a breath and think deeply about it. Is your life what you want? Are you safe? Do you have food and a place to lay your head at night? Do you have love? If you really think about it, life takes very little to be … Continue reading When are you Happy?

Always Be Honest

It is impossible to always be honest, right? You have to sometimes white lie to save someone's feelings, right? How many times have you said, "I don't care what we have for dinner." When you really wanted something you have been craving all day. Here's a good one, "No, that dress looks good on you." … Continue reading Always Be Honest

Just Like That…

I made a decision to simplify my life. I started with small things like marking unnecessary emails as junk. Then using a calendar on my phone to track places to be and important things to do. Then slowly making changes in my diet that are small yet healthy. One thing at a time. One small … Continue reading Just Like That…

When to Walk

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com Every human should know when to walk away and you do know. It is hidden in that small voice that whispers to your good common sense. It is not easy to admit it to ourselves that our time at a place or with a person is done. Most often … Continue reading When to Walk

Assumptions are Dangerous

You know what they say about assuming. Who they are I have no idea, but the saying goes, "To assume makes an ass of you (U) and me." I have to admit I assume things. Often when I do, it is the negative that I assume. As in, "He will hate this." or "He thinks … Continue reading Assumptions are Dangerous

Life is Fragile

I have this plant. I’ve managed to keep it alive for about three months knowing nothing about it. I’m not even sure I know what type it is. I have it in a pot with a sprig of spider plant. I think I need to repot it and move it. A couple of leaves have … Continue reading Life is Fragile

Watch Your Mouth

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com I am not one to over use profanity. It will slip out sometimes. I have always thought it detracts from who I really am when I use a word that is vulgar. On the flip side I am not a prude. I will not wilt if someone says one in … Continue reading Watch Your Mouth

Broken and still Useful

Why is it that God seems to choose the sinner over the righteous to do his work? Isaiah preached naked. Rahab was a prostitute. The Samaritan woman was divorced…more than once…Paul was a murderer. Moses was a murderer and couldn’t talk. Noah was a known drunk. The chosen king David coveted another man's wife and … Continue reading Broken and still Useful


Sometimes you must stop and rest. Don’t think. Don’t fight it. Don’t make excuses. The world will wait. It will be there upon your rising. Just give your soul the rest it needs. Neglecting this type of rest leads to stress and sadness. Save yourself the trouble and rest.

Do it I Dare You

My mother posted this quote on Facebook.... When someone says, you can't do it, do it twice and take pictures. She has always been a bit of a rebel. I guess I get some of my take no BS and snarkness from her. Truth be told, she is on to something. It is different if … Continue reading Do it I Dare You