Lori O’Gara will be the first to admit that she is addicted to books. She doesn’t always read what is on the bestseller list. She likes romance novels with a magical spin and memoirs about everyday people. Lori’s literary philosophy is simple. “Read what you like. If you can’t read through the first couple of chapters without your mind wandering to other things in your life or if you dread having to finish it, then throw it out the front door. (No tossing a library book please.) Read what speaks to your heart.”

Brendan O’Gara jokingly says his is an average man with above average common sense. He won’t tell you this, but we think he is secretly a super hero. Brendan has passion for the extraordinary and lives life as if a new adventure is just around the corner. He has been an avid gamer since he was a child and continues to play D&D, Pathfinder and other RPGs. His experiences gaming and skilled cooking give him inspiration to write fantasy and sci-fi adventures.

Currently Lori and Brendan are collaborating on a high fantasy series.  Necromancer’s Song will take you on a journey through strange new lands where you will meet fantastic creatures and witty characters.

Lori and Brendan O’Gara reside just a few miles from where they grew up on Perdido Key, Florida. When not at the beach, writing or reading, they can be found wandering the stacks in a library, perusing antique stores and thrift shops, playing tabletop role playing games, or spending time with their family. A family that consists of six children, and seven grandchildren.

“Thank you for reading our words and sharing this journey with us.”

~Lori and Brendan O’Gara

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