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Dance. Sing. Scream.

When you feel like dancing, dance. When you want to sing, sing. When you want to scream, scream. What’s the worse thing that could happen? Someone might think you’re crazy. They might ask you what you are doing. Then again, someone might dance, sing or scream with you. Be yourself. You never know who might… Continue reading Dance. Sing. Scream.

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Be Prepared

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for the possibility of bad weather. The O’Gara clan lives on the Gulf Coast. There is the possibility of a tropical storm in the next few days. There might be some delays in our posting due to weather interruptions. Thank you for your understanding.

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Coffee is my favorite

I like coffee a lot. It’s warm and soothing. I know it is full of caffeine. I’m one of the lucky few who can drink coffee at night and fall asleep. I really like coffee. I like coffee better than I like some people. Gasp! A Christian who doesn’t like some people! Yes. No where… Continue reading Coffee is my favorite

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Happy is a choice

My MeMa used to tell me, “You have the same pants to get glad in.” You can choose to let the situation around your dictate how you react or you can control your thoughts. Give yourself a moment to feel what is in your heart and then look for the happy bits. Choose to be… Continue reading Happy is a choice

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What next?

Do you feel it? There is a strange feeling in the atmosphere. It’s like an anticipation that something is about to happen. It’s the temperature drop and scent of water before the storm. It’s the shift in tone and posture when someone is about to lose it. It’s that other shoe is about to drop… Continue reading What next?

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What if I don’t want to

I just don’t. I don’t want to hear we are in this together. I don’t want to hear this is the new normal. No it’s just normal now. I don’t want to hear someone ask when will this be over. I just don’t.

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Over Extended

Have you ever decided that you needed to do a project only to realize that there are three other projects that you need to do before you can do the one you really want to do? Then you do all the things at once to get the stuff done. I am that person. I want… Continue reading Over Extended

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Need a New Perspective

Talk to a child. Remember that awe and wonder that you had when you were a child before the world made you cynical. If you wanna to a new way to look at life, spend some time talking to a child.

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Humor is one thing…

insulting someone is completely different. Am I the only one who noticed the that humor has evolved in to an excuse to be rude? I’m not talking crude or vulgar language, though that is rampant too. Rather just flat out insulting someone and calling it a joke. Stop. Be nice humans. I don’t want to… Continue reading Humor is one thing…

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No Answer

The more I think I know the answer I realize I don’t know the answer. What I do know is this. Love is more important than anything else on this planet. Love will move you to take care of those who need it more than you. Love will force your ego to sit down and… Continue reading No Answer