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Love is kind

It costs you zero to offer kindness. A word, a smile, a helping hand are all free. If you can let go of your purse strings long enough to realize that all it take to love is a little time and effort, you will be a much happier human.

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There is nothing better than snuggle time with family. Dog and children included. Humans crave and need touch. Personal contact is necessary for survival.

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Let me Love You

No I do not know you but since you are a human I love you for the simple reason that you are a soul. My family I love at a deeper level. My husband I love at an even deeper level. God I love at the deepest level of love. Still, I love all humans.… Continue reading Let me Love You

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Think about what you do for others. Can you do your amazing thing for other humans with other humans? Things are always better with two or more hearts and minds working together for the same goal of happiness. Try calibration.

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Near Miss

Sometimes you just have to be thankful for the near misses in your life. The things you thought you wanted or needed that you didn’t get. After you don’t get what you wished or prayed for you realize you are better without it. Today I’m just thankful for near misses.

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It’s Got to Get Done

Do the necessary things, the essential things. Pour your energy into what and who is important to you. Don’t fall for the busy trap of doing just because someone says you should. Focus on what you know is important. Your time is valuable.

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Forgiveness is Ugh!

I know that forgiveness is necessary. I have forgiven so much. Some of it won’t stay forgiven. I have to forgive it over and over. I can forgive however I cannot forget. The thing is, I don’t have to forget. I just have to forgive. Then I have to release the anger. I’m working on… Continue reading Forgiveness is Ugh!

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We can either complain about the rain or we can embrace it for the life giving blessing it is. Same with life’s challenges. Complain about the situation or embrace the lesson. You choose.

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Life is Good

Hello world. Remember that no matter what this life throws at you, you have a brain full of knowledge. No you don’t know everything and that’s ok. Use what you know to do what your heart tells you is right. Always do what is right and life will be good.

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Don’t Kill Yourself

I know some of us are OCD about keeping things organized. Some people are not. Those humans who are not drive us who are absolutely insane. Not intentionally, but they do. If you don’t think God has a sense of humor then tell me why humans who are super organised and others who are not… Continue reading Don’t Kill Yourself