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Your Identity Matters

What do you identify your soul with? If you don’t know you need to find out. It’s important to your well being. If you identify with a religion or a spiritual theology it becomes part of your public image. Unless you’re super good at hiding your truth, it becomes how others identify you. Who is… Continue reading Your Identity Matters

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A little work won’t hurt

If there is something you want and if you want it bad enough, you will do what it takes to get it. What it takes might take work. How bad do you want it? Determination is relative to your desire for the object of your obsession.

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Self Loyalty Is a Thing

Be crazy loyal to yourself and to your goals. Keep your eye on your wants, however keep a clear perspective on your needs and needs of your humans. Don’t get so wrapped up in pursuit of goals that you forget to love and be loved. All other things will fall into place if your goal… Continue reading Self Loyalty Is a Thing

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He Loves Me Quirky

My husband lets me be me. The fact that I have to say that he "lets" me is a sad thing. It tells you that I was not always free to do as I wish. I have never understood why people, both male and female, think that as soon as they are in a relationship… Continue reading He Loves Me Quirky

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What’s Your Symbol

Think about the symbols in your life. If you are married there are rings. If you are a member of a group, fandom there are symbols you display so others can identify you. A symbol is an image of an idea not the idea itself. There is nothing wrong with the display of symbols if… Continue reading What’s Your Symbol

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The Best Laid Plans

Take a moment today to rest and think about your path. Where are you going? What are your plans? Maybe you do not have a plan. Do you need a plan? I am more of a day by day person. I tend to not make plans far off in to the future. Doctor's appointments and… Continue reading The Best Laid Plans

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Selfish Happiness

My husband enjoys building and painting models. Small fantasy critters and armies. For years it was difficult for him due to carpal tunnel pain. I convinced him to get the surgery. Now he’s back at it. Crazy thing is he thanks me for encouraging him to get his hand fixed. Isn’t that what we are… Continue reading Selfish Happiness

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Step Back

When something feels wrong, listen to that small voice and step back. Even if it is an emotional or metal step back. If a situation or a person is making you doubt your worth or yourself in anyway, for whatever reason, step back. You owe it to yourself to be mindful of those feelings without… Continue reading Step Back

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Spirit Reconnections

I love rain. Well, Summer rain I like. Winter rain that lingers with a gray sky for days not so much. Rain is peaceful for sleep. Even with booming thunder, I sleep wonderfully in the rain. Take a few minutes today, to get out in nature. Rain or shine, spending  some time outdoors will ground… Continue reading Spirit Reconnections

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Lighten Up

Emotions are high and humans are worried. Maybe we should lighten up a bit. Let’s try to remember what makes us laugh. Let’s do things to bring joy to ourselves. Let’s spend some time watching children’s shows. Better yet, if you know a toddler, spend some time playing make believe games with them. You be… Continue reading Lighten Up