Teenage Girls are Weird

Y’all, girls are weird, a good weird, but still weird.

If I mention we should have ice cream, it is usually followed by a loud screech from somewhere in the furthest most part of our home, “ICE CREAM!” squealed by one daughter followed by another one echoing the sentiment. It sounds more like “ICECEEEEEEMMMM!”

Teenagers use the interesting vocabulary. One of my girls has taken to saying, “Yeet” all the time and “They have he-ed their last haw.” Which I think is a reference to the old show Hee-Haw, but I am not entirely sure. It took me forever to realize when they said “Gucci” they were not talking about a purse.

One of the best weird things is the kitchen or bed top dance parties. Music on the highest volume imaginable with arms and legs waving all over the place. Sometimes the parties are planned but most of the time they are spontaneous while washing dishes. They are responsible for cleaning after themselves in the kitchen too. I can handle the loud music and have been introduced to some cool new bands. However, in the case of a bed dance party, the girls are bouncing and bobbing standing on our bed while I am frantically watching that their heads aren’t getting decapitated by the ceiling fan.

They keep me young and on my toes for sure!

Read more here!

My point is think about the weird things your family does and embrace it.

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