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Remember..not all who wander are lost…

...some are just looking for more coffee....from the mouth of my amazing and often poetic husband who stole that tidbit from the interwebs. After I regained my composure from laughing and accusing him of copyright infringement, no offence Mr J.R.R. Tolkien, I thought he, my husband not J.R.R.T., might be onto something. Not every quote… Continue reading Remember..not all who wander are lost…

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It is Getting More and More Difficult…

I am known for my positive optimistic outlook about most things. I am a bright happy person most of the time. If I am sad it is usually for a short time and I find a way to fix whatever is making me sad. Right now, it is getting more and more difficult to remain… Continue reading It is Getting More and More Difficult…

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I hate being late as much as I dislike waiting. Especially when it is not my fault. When circumstances swirl out of control and for whatever reason, I am late. Is it the lateness or the lack of control that I hate? Deep breath. Remember you are a human. You can not control happenstance.

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What is Wrong With You?

I have seen this post all over social media lately that says, "Tell those you love that you love them. Tomorrow is not promised." It has a few different variations, but we have all seen it. A friendly reminder that life is short. Death is inevitable. Not everyone you love knows you love them. What… Continue reading What is Wrong With You?

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Align Your Priorities

How do your daily actions and your priorities align? Here is a simple way to figure that one out. You will need a regular piece of paper and pencil for this task. If you use a computer, you will need a printer. For the sake of simplicity I recommend not using a electronic device. Also,… Continue reading Align Your Priorities

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The More things Change….

Things do change but do they really? It is true that some aspects of your situation will change, however somethings do not. Your children grow up, but you still love them and care for them. It is the way you interact that changes. You and your significant other mature and still you treat them with… Continue reading The More things Change….

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When You Die

Do these things at minimum to save your loved ones extra heartache. Also to ensure things happen as you wish. 1. Write a will. 2. Tell someone where that will is and read it to them. 3. Write names on the items you want certain people to have. Please, for the love of all that… Continue reading When You Die

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You’re What?!

I hear so many people joking, half joking, sometimes not joking at all that they are stupid, ugly, trash, unworthy or that they don't deserve...what? happiness? success? Love? Whatever....y'all...As one who knows that sort of thinking is just a lie of anxiety or maybe even a manipulation of evil, I am so tired of hearing… Continue reading You’re What?!

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Be Nice

I was listening to a couple arguing over what move to watch. She said he couldn't watch what he wanted because she didn't like it. Then he said "Well I hate your girl movies." It took all I had not to tell them to be nice. It takes an entire two seconds to say, "OK… Continue reading Be Nice

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Worry is a Waste of Time, yet I still do it.

I worry about big things and little things. I worry if there is enough food in the kitchen. I worry that my husband may or may not have remembered to eat. Sometimes he forgets with his PTSD brain. I worry that my kids are not safe, even my grown adult daughter who lives in Texas… Continue reading Worry is a Waste of Time, yet I still do it.