Hello Monday: Why I Avoid Trends

I am famous for not jumping on the latest and greatest band wagons because I have learned that my values are often not inline with trends. It doesn't matter if it is a book trend, a product trend or a fashion trend. All trends have a few things in common. They are often short lived … Continue reading Hello Monday: Why I Avoid Trends

Sunday Thoughts: Trust

All my life I had this image of where I would be when I became an adult. I am nothing like that image. I have not landed in the city that I thought I would live; however, I have a peaceful home. I am not be affluent as I imagined I would be; however, I … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts: Trust

Redemption Hurts

Someone asked me what is the main theme for my second novel, Almost There, and I answered redemption. Briana has to look her ugly past in the face, forgive herself and accept the forgiveness of God before she can move past it to a life of peace. It's like this, no one told me that … Continue reading Redemption Hurts

Sunday Thoughts: Time

Today's Sunday thought comes from Brendan O'Gara "Value your time. Until you value yourself, you will not value your time,you will not do anything with it. Ultimately we do not pay for anything with money, rather we pay for things with time. Instead of thinking about what you do and what you buy in terms … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts: Time

The Moment of Happiness

What is happiness? Is it a temporary feeling of happy? We experience life in moments. We tend to look at life as days, months and years when in reality it is actually moments. It isn't even past moments. It is the current moment. The right now. We have to learn to be happy in the movement. … Continue reading The Moment of Happiness

Hello Monday: Human Beings Only

Birthplace: Earth, Race: Human, Politics: Freedom, Religion: Love Look at the description above....is that you? If not maybe you should reconsider being a human. I hear there are other planets that have space for you.  Trust me, I know The Doctor. All kidding aside, as humans we need the same things. We may desire other … Continue reading Hello Monday: Human Beings Only

Sunday Thoughts: Peace or Perfection?

As I look back on my life I see myself as a person I am not proud of. However, when I really think about it I am not proud of who I am now either. I am humbled at where I am in life and how I got here. Looking back I see a person … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts: Peace or Perfection?